AoI In Future Networks

Funded by Huawei

  • Project name: AoI In Future Networks
  • Principal Investigator:Prof. Elif Uysal
  • Project Duration: January 2019-December 2020

We are witnessing a significant change in the structure and quality requirements of data that is transported on communication networks.  Technologies such as control and monitoring systems that run on the Internet, cellular and ad-hoc networks, applications running on social networks, environmental monitoring algorithms of autonomous vehicles, as well as automated decision making in health and finance depend on sufficiently frequent updates  (data packets bearing new samples/measurements/data). The proposed project aims to develop techniques and algorithms that approach theoretical limits of efficiently transporting update packets.


AoI Events of Our Research Group

  • Weekly Group meeting, Wednesdays or Fridays at 17:30
  • Our “Towards AoI-aware Smart IoT Systems” paper will be presented in the 2020 International Workshop on Computing, Networking and Communications (CNC), Big Island, Hawaii, USA.
  • Our research group met with Prof. Yin Sun during the IEEE PIMRC 2019 Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • We were invited to present our recent works at 2nd AoI Workshop, INFOCOM 2019, Paris, France. [click here to see Poster]
  • We presented the paper “Measuring Age of Information on Real-Life Connections” in 27th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU2019), Sivas, Turkey. [Download paper]